[ Liner Notes ]

HAVING SPENT 9 MONTHS PRODUCING “In A Dream”, there was a sense within my team that I needed to produce and release music more quickly. There was a feeling that I spent too much time perfecting songs, and needed to just “put stuff out” more frequently.

Looking back, I understand why people felt this way. But I’ve learned not to listen to that kind of talk, and to pay attention only to what my own inner awareness says.

I have also since learned, however, that it’s important to distinguish between spending ages playing with unimportant details out of fear of failure, and ignoring your inner guide which subtly tells you when the pie is ready to come out of the oven.

But again, I digress.

NONETHELESS, CORR IS AN EXAMPLE of a song I released before I’d gotten it right. I never nailed it. It’s a really subtle thing, getting the kick drum to gel perfectly with the bassline, so that when you hear it, you just have to move your body.

So when I hear “Corr”, I hear unfulfilled potential. Because I was trying to cut back on production time, even if it cost on quality. I’ve since learned my lesson — even if many still preach the “quantity” gospel in today’s feed-based world.

I DID WRITE A VOCAL VERSION, which was sung by the talented sister of a friend. She did an amazing job. Unfortunately, we never released it, just because I never I got the rest of the song right. But that unreleased vocal version was great, and we did play it live a couple times:

SINCE THE VERSION WE RELEASED had no vocals and wasn’t really about anything, I named it after my girlfriend at the time.