FOR THE 2020 HOLIDAYS, I wanted to make unique cards for my family and friends — as well as belated thank-yous for those who were helpful to my campaign for State Representative that summer.

I had an idea of a single art piece, which could be split into pieces and distributed.

The message LOVE IS LIMITLESS grew out of a painful separation I had gone through with my partner two years earlier. 

It was the realization that no single person is the source of love for us. Love is around you and within you, always. The loss of one person in your life does not mean that love is gone: it means that someone who’s presence helped you feel the love within you may be gone. But the love never went anywhere. You have the power to connect with the same love at any moment. 

And when you do that, that love reaches out and touches people all across the world, in ways we cannot fully fathom.

THIS PROJECT CONSISTED OF 60 wooden panels, which were painted together at one time.

I sent them mostly to my friends and family. This spanned the spectrum — from staunch leftists to the vocal Trump supporters.

I also sent a handful to others, especially in politics, that my gut said I should.

It ended up taking longer to finish this piece than I expected — as it usually does. So while intended for the holidays of 2020, they were not mailed until early 2021.