SKYRIS WAS A PROJECT I built with two friends, Cory Rivera and Adam Weiner. The vision was to add layers of meaning to music on multiple dimensions.

For example: the first idea was a physical art piece that linked to music through a digital platform. The aim was to provide the physicality of vinyl records in the modern age of digital music.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKED: First, someone would buy a physical “Skyris-enabled” art piece. We called these Skyprints. These were visual art pieces, held inside an elegant black sleeve.

I kept a sealed Skyprint box, which I recently opened. Here is an unboxing video that shows what it looked like:

ON THE BACK OF EVERY SKYPRINT was a unique code you would enter on the Skyris website. This would register you as the owner of the print, and give you access to a digital world created by the musician, supplementing the song.

This world could include photographs of things that inspired the music, or that related to its creation. For example: video of the artist talking about the song and what it meant to them; handwritten lyrics; alternate versions; etc...

In this way, artists could add layers of meaning to their music, helping people connect with it more deeply.

WE RELEASED A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO introducing our vision and intention:

EVENTUALLY WE CLOSED THE DOOR on this project. While it evolved through several iterations, we left it behind in 2016 for other pursuits.